Are your current warehouse facilities too small to accommodate your needs?

Is warehousing and fulfillment the weak link in your supply chain?

Could a Midwest fulfillment facility get your products to your customers more efficiently?

Partner Logistics, Inc. will act as your warehouse, allowing you to meet your fluctuating business requirements and providing you the extra room to grow.  Partner Logistics, Inc. will..

  • Help you lower your distribution costs.
  • Solve your warehouse space challenges.
  • Provide flexibility to handle the dynamic nature of your warehousing requirements.

Starting with traditional public warehousing services, to specialized contract packaging, order fulfillment, Partner Logistics, Inc. is your complete warehouse and fulfillment resources.  Partner Logistics, Inc. will provide your organization with an outsourced warehouse logistics “Partner” offering cost effective alternatives to your current operations or 3PL provider.

Right size your logistics plan.  Call us today at 847-595-7750.