Is your current  order fulfillment process fraught with errors?

Do fluctuating demands hamper your ability to fulfill your customer’s requirements?

Would your time be better utilized without the challenge of managing a part-time staff?

Is the weak link in your supply chain the fulfillment and assembly process?

You can rely on Partner Logistics, Inc. to accurately and   efficiently coordinate your orders, allowing you to focus on more strategic   business issues.  Partner Logistics, Inc. will…

  • Help you reduce or eliminate assembly errors and shipping omissions.
  • Solve variable staffing needs.
  • Provide timely and accurate fulfillment of product to destination.

Starting with basic palletizing and kit assembly to inventory control and inspection, Partner Logistics, Inc. is your comprehensive packaging and fulfillment center.  Partner Logistics, Inc. will be your complete product fulfillment service that offers cost effective alternatives to your current   operations or 3rd party logistics provider. Improve your fulfillment   efficiencies… Act now to begin the process. Call us today at 847-595-7750.